About Martin Sumichrast


“Mentoring young entrepreneurs or helping to manage early stage to semi-mature companies is something I really enjoy. I don’t even consider my job a profession; I consider it more as a passion. Every company has a break through moment in growth. It’s learning to sustain that growth as competition intensifies, demand increases, and economic and market climates change is a key challenge for any growing management. As in all experiences you either learn it the hard way or learn from someone else. I like playing the role of the experienced business mentor.” adds Martin Sumichrast.

Martin Sumichrast is the Chairman and CEO of Level Brands Inc. Level Brands Inc is a new startup and more details will come soon! Martin is responsible for the day to day strategic direction of the firm and its private investment funds.

Martin also serves as managing director of Washington Capital LLC, as well as Executive Director of the Jadeveon Clowney Help-In-Time Foundation, a non-profit charity helping children of incarcerated parents. In addition, Martin Sumichrast is a trustee and chairman of the nominating and governance committee of the Babson Capital Growth, Short Duration High Yield Fund, Inc. (NYSE:BGH) and the Babson Capital Funds Trust, Inc. Martin Sumichrast also serves on the Board of Directors of Social Reality Inc. and is the Chairman of the Board of KURE Corp., one of the fastest growing companies in the vape and e-cigarette industry in the United States.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Martin Sumichrast has co-authored multiple books and articles about finance, economies and real estate. One of his most popular books, Opportunities in Financial Careers, advises readers on different jobs in the field and the training they should undertake. Martin Sumichrast also co-authored The New Complete Book of Home Buying and has contributed to Jim Cramer’s TheStreet.com. Several years ago, Martin Sumichrast started The Sumichrast Report, a blog through which he shares his candid insights about the global economy with readers across the world. Martin Sumichrast received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland.