KURE Corp, Opens First Vaporium Lounge In Gastonia North Carolina

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — KURE Corp (“KURE”), announced today that it has successfully opened its first KURE Vaporium & Lounge in Gastonia, North Carolina on December 26, 2014.  KURE Vaporium & Lounge in Gastonia has been under construction since October of last year. It features a custom designed interior that creates a modern yet very welcoming atmosphere for its customers.

“We wanted a feel that was modern, cool, but most importantly inviting. We set out to build something that would set us apart from all other vape shops in the country. Every aspect of KURE, beginning with our store design that includes a specialty coffee bar, numerous customer plug-in areas and really comfortable chairs, to our selection of premium e-cigarette products and juices, was thoughtfully chosen to elevate the customer experience. All of our cabinets, fixtures, and furniture were designed to give our customers a unique ‘vaporium’ atmosphere. We knew it was crucial to our distinction from the typical ‘vape shop’ to openly display our large inventory of products and showcase our large selection of KURE, Juice On Tap, branded juices at our juice bar. We are also proud to remark that the furniture was custom built in North Carolina, home of our corporate headquarters,” comments Stephanie Staffieri, Chief Marketing officer for KURE.

“We are very pleased with the numbers coming from our first location. It’s only been less than 30 days since the store has opened and already we are seeing a significant development of customer loyalty and impressive sales growth each week”, comments David Peterson, CEO of KURE.

“This industry is facing explosive growth and consumer adoption, and we are excited to support KURE in becoming an industry leader in this space within a very short period of time”, says Martin Sumichrast, Chairman and CEO of Level Brands Inc.

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