Marty Sumichrast of Stone Street Partners LLC Launches New Company Website

We’re pleased to announce the launch of its website as well as a company name change. Stone Street Partners LLC is located near the South Park Mall in Charlotte, NC.

To check out the new and user-friendly website and learn more about the services that Stone Street Partners LLC offers its clients, please visit at any time.

As Sumichrast noted, Stone Street Partners LLC is a Charlotte-based private equity and venture capital firm with expertise in a number of industries, including technology social media, technology life sciences, general manufacturing, commercial real estate and many others.

The company’s professional expertise is also extremely broad, and includes structured debt financing, public and private equities, business restructuring, new market expansion and strategic partnerships.

“As key financial partners, we closely work with management of our portfolio companies in helping them overcome significant business challenges while as a partnership we define and establish mutually realistic goals and milestones that can be measured,” Sumichrast said, adding that they are patient value-based investors who strive to offer their clients outstanding customer service.

“We are relationship driven and strongly committed to building and sustaining long-term relationships with our partners.”

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